To Successfully Actualize a Civilization of Love by 2030


I'm Nicole Gibson


I'm a modern-day philosopher redefining what it means to be an entrepreneur. I'm obsessed by love’s power to effect change by focusing on facilitating a tipping point in human consciousness; to successfully actualize a civilization of love by 2030.

Combining the intersections of visionary technology, transformative arts and complex systems thinking, my team and I are building a bridge to an entirely new way of living and being for humanity.

While leading events and facilitating experiences for over 1 million people, I've identified a code that unlocks humanity’s greatest potential.

Spanning from the establishment of a charitable organization, to becoming the youngest Commonwealth Commissioner in history, to launching a social movement with a reach across 40 countries; my main preoccupation is to leverage love’s power to transform and scale it to 350 million people globally.

I've been listed as Australia’s top 100 most Influential Women, finalist for Young Australian of the Year and Pride of Australia Medalist, and I'm just getting started :) 

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What it means to Love Out Loud

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Why It's Important to
Love Out Loud

I get it; love can seem a little… airy. I used to think so too, until I experienced its absolutely unquestionable ability to transform.

The most unique part of working with hundreds of thousands of people across the world, is what I get to witness over and over again; our humanity.

Our raw and unchangeable nature, that regardless of who you are, where you're from or what you believe, always remains present.

I’ve seen time and time again the push-pull that all of us experience; this deep desire to be loved, seen and heard, yet the absolute rejection of it when it appears.

Are You Ready to Embody Your Vision Fully?

But you aren’t quite sure how to go about it - Especially given the current circumstances and limitations of this challenging landscape.

Without knowing the hows, it becomes a challenge on its own to communicate your vision to your team. A challenge to get alignment.

Your team is struggling to understand you. Struggling to understand how you can expect such a vision to manifest in the world with the present state of the economy.

They think it's just“too big” or “too unrealistic.”

If this sounds like you, I invite you to join our waitlist to be notified on our next MasterHeart intake by clicking the button below: 

What is Love?

Here’s the thing; love is a state of being, not an idea. It’s an embodiment and perspective on life that’s tangible, actionable and most importantly, learnable.

I’ve hung out in the board rooms of parliament house, through to the offices of some of the most influential people in the world, and my belief in love only gets stronger by the day.

I wrote and created Love Out Loud to remind you of our truth.

We are not the things we fear, or the limitations, insecurities and inadequacies that we hold on to; we are unbounded, brilliant, limitless potential that can only be truly activated when we truly learn to love ourselves.

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Here's What Others Are Saying About Nicole


Simone Gillam
Sustainable Communities Conference, South Australia

"Your talk moved people to tears. There was a shift in my thinking after your presentation. Your inspirational words woke up the entire room to how our current response to mental illness is not working. What I took home was the current system needs tweaking. Every mental health working should have training from you to see the illness for what it is; no stigma, just love"


Audience Member
Conference for Mental Health Nurses

"Being in the same room as Nicole Gibson was being in the presence of a Big Bang. Not only the room, but the world seemed bigger and continued to grow bigger around her. The rawness and realness of this misleadingly petite woman was a bombshell. Shocking because it's so rare!


Emerging Voices Leader QLD

"Nicole was absolutely unwilling to accept the status quo. Unwilling to accept 'that's just the way things are'. She was going to change it. She embodies unstoppable. I felt my cynicism dissipating and my own passions fire up in the presence of her love and compassion for humanity, and her grab-your-sword warrior-hood for people having a voice and loving their lives. I'll have what she's having. Wow!

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  • You feel disconnected with those you care about so you end up hiding your true authentic self
  • The world around you is moving faster than you can keep up with and everything (and everyone) seems so transactional
  • ​You're not sure how to bring up the topic of loneliness so you end up suffering alone with no one to talk to

Love Out Loud makes self-love, love for others, and leading a meaningful life accessible because Love is a practicable skillset that can be learnt by anyone.

Love Out Loud isUnifying 4% of the Global Population to Love by 2030

  • Understand we're innately cooperative and connected
  • We have to give with the same hand that we want to receive
  • Love is a practical skillset that can be learned by anyone

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